Stop Drifting. Start Winning. You: The High Performance Vehicle

Presented by Michael Cooper of Human Performance Mentors

Seeking a physical edge makes sense, but acquiring a mental edge makes all the difference.

Learn how to understand, control and mitigate the intellectual, physical and emotional components that are holding you back from becoming your own high performance vehicle.

Michael Cooper from Human Performance Mentors specializes in Mental Fortitude Training and takes a different approach. Human Performance Mentors help individuals understand, control and mitigate the cause to begin with nabbing problem behavior at its core. They teach the importance of the mind and how it works, setting goals intellectually and achieving them through rigorous study and process.

About Michael Cooper

Michael Cooper

Michael is a speaker, trainer, life leader, and the founder of Human Performance Mentors and the Missing Playbook™. His mental strength training strategies, methodologies and philosophies are drawn directly from his own life experiences.

He has dedicated his life to training and preparing the world’s most elite athletes, top athletic organizations, leaders and influencers. His passion: Leading individuals to Master Mental Fortitude. He works with very successful individuals from all walks of life.

  • Honorably led hundreds of troops through Operation Desert Storm aboard the USS NIMITZ Aircraft Carrier
  • Consults for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and US Olympics on Human Performance
  • Certified LifeSuccess Consultant and Certified Leader of The Napoleon Hill Foundation, specializing in Human Peak Performance

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