Entering the Social Club of Luxury

Entering the Social Club of Luxury

After working hours in your job or your business, we understand how you look forward to activities that bring you joy. From creating crafts to collecting cars, each one of us has a unique way to satisfy our desires. Getting into luxurious cars show more than just desire but the taste for finer things. More than owning such items, where do you meet others who share the same dream?

Welcome to the Social Club in New Jersey where we provide more to socializing.

CAR LOFTS provide your exclusive Private Event Space to meet your need for luxurious space.

As your leading Car Club in New Jersey, our loft amenities are designed to match your taste. Our loft is your ultimate destination in socializing with other car enthusiasts. Making connections with similar people is sure to add value to your collection.

Like-minded individuals look forward to good discussions and we make this possible with our exclusive experiences. Members of our club gain access and receive these coveted invitations.

After a long day, many enthusiasts just want to relax. We prepared The Loft to contain the small but fine things in life. We have a cigar lounge, billiards table, game room, race simulator, and so much more.

After your car is safe in our Vehicle Storage Facility in Fairfield, New Jersey, we look forward to having you in our lounge!

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