Expert Tips for Long-Term Storage of Cars


No matter the reason for storing your beloved car, you should care for this condition. It means you must wisely vote for a trusted vehicle storage facility in Fairfield, New Jersey. You could get a better output if you have a person maintaining your car while you are away.

Professionals would ensure you get a good car battery, engine, and tires. Our car club in New Jersey has a special building suited for storing large vehicles. You must renew your membership if you own one.

Here are some hot takes you must remember if you decide to store your car on a long-term basis:

  • Make sure you have a cover.

    Covers ensure that elements, such as dust, temperature, and water, do not directly get into the vehicle. The effort of having a cover will make the accommodation another price to pay. However, it makes sure you get value out of it.

  • Wash the car before storing it.

    It may sound like a counterintuitive option to wash your car because of the moist buildup. However, you only need to dry it appropriately, getting rid of mud, grease, or tar. This protects other forms of damage to your investment. Vehicle Storage Solutions near your location could pair you with a carwash service.

  • Top off the tank.

    If you’re storing a vehicle in a private event space for more than thirty days, fill up your tank beforehand. This effort will prevent moisture buildup from accumulating inside the fuel tank. This also keeps the seals from drying up.

Every car enthusiast must know all these recommendations before they go to Car Lofts LLC. For more information, send us a message today.

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