How Do You Know If Something’s Wrong with Your Car?


Oftentimes, you will know that something’s wrong with your car through a number of obvious signs. As your vehicle repair and vehicle storage facility in Fairfield, New Jersey, Car Lofts LLC will share some of these with you.

  • Leaks

    Any kind of leak is a big deal. When you see trails of dark liquid under your car, that means your vehicle is in serious trouble. As vehicle care providers, we advise you to take your car to our facility immediately in situations like this.

  • Steering wheel problems

    When you feel like you’re not in control of your steering wheel, have it checked right away because it is the number one contributor to vehicle and transportation accidents. Don’t ever compromise your safety.

  • Lit check engine

    When the check engine is on, that means the sensors of your car have been exposed to water. Although it could go off on its own in time, better have them checked still for safety purposes.

  • Unnecessary noises

    A grinding or squealing car noise indicates a worn-out axle or wheel bearing. Hence, replacing them is recommended.

Ignoring these signs leads to further damage to your car and greater costs in the future. Thus, in situations like this, have your vehicles checked by the best car care providers in town. Aside from concierge services, we also offer vehicle storage and a social club in New Jersey.

If you wish to try our vehicle repair and maintenance, car club, and private event space, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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