Protecting Your Car from Heat and Humidity


The members of our car club in New Jersey say that heat and humidity are known problems for car owners and enthusiasts. These two can affect engine performance and the exterior quality of many cars. Car engines already give off heat while running, when that is combined with the heat from its external environment, overheating might occur. The moisture produced from the heat can also affect the quality of the leather and other materials in your car.

Now that we are already approaching summer, measures should be installed to protect your exotic and luxury cars from heat and humidity. Our vehicle storage facility in Fairfield, New Jersey protects your valuable cars from these two external elements. Here are some of the features of our facility:

CAR LOFTS offers services that our car club members enjoy. Aside from our vehicle storage facility, we also have concierge services. Our concierge services include service & maintenance, car wash & detailing, vehicle repairs, customization requests, and vehicle care. These services are available for our dear members. Join our social club in New Jersey and experience the quality services that we provide.

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