Reasons Why You Should Join a Car Club


Car clubs are committees of automotive enthusiasts who share a common interest in a general or specific manufacturer, make, and model of a car. A good example of a Car Club in New Jersey is a community of luxury car fans and collectors.

CAR LOFTS is one such club. Aside from offering premium luxury vehicle storage, we also offer Executive Office Suites that clients can use to relax, socialize, or participate in events. It sounds boring, but there are many reasons why you should think about joining car clubs, especially the luxury ones. Take a look:

  • Access to venue
    Luxury car clubs often have a chic Private Event Space where clients can mingle and talk about their vehicles. You don’t need to make long trips to coffee shops or crowded restaurants. We’ve got space for you and your friends.
  • Perks, parts, and discounts
    A Vehicle Storage Facility in Fairfield, New Jersey such as ours offers many perks and discounts for clients who choose to work with us. No more worrying if you can find the right car parts to repair damages, just talk to us, and we’ll help you out!
  • Education
    Being in a car club means that you get to meet people who are well-versed in certain car brands and models. These are the people you can learn priceless information from regarding your favorite luxury vehicles.

Talking about these perks won’t be enough to convince you of how beneficial it would be to join car clubs. Nothing can beat first-hand experiences. Join us now! Dial 862-210-8300 for more details.

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