Vehicle Damages You Should Never Overlook


What damages should you never overlook when it comes to avoiding further disrepair to your hard-earned vehicle? Let our premier vehicle storage solution help you.

Any car accident involves quite a lot of force. Cars today are built to withstand pretty significant accidents, but just because they don’t show their damage doesn’t mean the damage isn’t there. Here are a few common types of damage that our vehicle storage facility in Fairfield, New Jersey, would like to share with you.

  • Alignment
    Car alignment, if not corrected, can cause a lot of harm to the system as a whole, as well as make driving the vehicle more difficult.
  • Frame Damage
    When in an accident, one of the first points of damage to your car is the car’s frame. Even if the collision is relatively small, ripples will still be created throughout the frame. Because the car’s structural integrity has been compromised by crumple damage, another accident could be even more dangerous.
  • Leaks
    Tubing and containers can be readily ripped, torn, or otherwise punctured, and it could take days for the leak to become visible. Because the leak could originate anywhere in the system, these problems usually require the assistance of a specialist.
  • Car lights
    The delicate exterior lights of a vehicle can be shattered or blown out during a collision. Driving without lights at night can be very difficult and may cause you another accident.

Here at CAR LOFTS, we offer concierge services as part of our car club in New Jersey. We can help you inspect your car for damages and provide resources to maintain its integrity and durability.

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