Why Our Members Should Hold a Private Party at Car Lofts


Exclusivity is a mark of wealth and popularity. It means that you are secure enough to not have to please everyone. After all, the experts and enthusiasts are the ones who truly appreciate the build, greatness, and quality of certain luxuries. This is the atmosphere that we can bring you in our private event space.

If you are hosting an exclusive party, The Loft is an ideal venue. It has a guest capacity of 100 people so you host a small meeting or a larger party. Our high-quality sound system will keep your event upbeat and alive. To keep your guests entertained throughout the party, we have a game room, billiards pool table, casino game table, and a professional racing simulator.

On the other hand, if you are hosting a launch for a business or product, The Warehouse is best for you. Our Car Club in New Jersey spends their events at our place while showcasing their impressive car fleet in our massive space. The Warehouse has a guest capacity of over 150 people and is spacious enough for guests to wander and check out your product displays. Our screen and projector are also ready for your presentations.

Car Lofts LLC is more than a vehicle storage facility in Fairfield, New Jersey. It is also a social club and an events place. We bring car enthusiasts and other like-minded people together.

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