Winter Storage Tips For Your Vehicles


Winter is coming. From the frosted windshield to frozen batteries, the winter season can be pretty harsh to your vehicles. Fortunately, there are simple ways to store them the right way and reduce the damage from the weather, especially if you’re planning to attend a private event space once the winter is over. Learn more below.

  • Fuel up.
    Your fuel tank attracts moisture, especially during the winter. Whether you’re storing your car in your garage or at a vehicle storage facility in Fairfield, New Jersey, make sure to fill up your tank and invest in a fuel stabilizer. It will help in preventing moisture buildup and keep your car safe throughout the fluctuating temperature.
  • Check the tires.
    Make sure to add extra pressure on your tires before storing them for the winter. If possible, utilize wood boards or other similar material under each tire. It will help keep the rubber from solidifying and add an insulating effect, especially if your parking area is concrete. Next time you go to a car club in New Jersey, ask some car enthusiasts for more winter storage tips for your vehicle.
  • Tuck and cover.
    In covering your cars, make sure not to use a tarp because it can trap moisture. Instead, use an old bed sheet or dust cover to make sure it’s properly secured. Utilize anything that you can find, and try to be resourceful when it comes to tucking your car for the winter.

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