Top Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Event Place


As fellow car enthusiasts, we know that you want to enjoy your interest in the most conducive environment possible.

And for us at CAR LOFTS, your trusted car club in New Jersey, this means designing the perfect private event space for you.

So, what does a perfect event space look like? Here are the tell-tale signs you have found it!

  • The right crowd
    The right place should attract the right crowd—your crowd, the people who understand your passion and who, like you, can go on and on about the smallest details of your car.
  • Flexibility
    Unexpected events, emergencies, and various delays are inevitable when conducting any business, no matter how prepared your event space provider is. What matters is you have a provider that shows up in times of uncertainty, adapts to the events as they happen, and works to find solutions.
  • Complete amenities
    Nothing disappoints like finding the amenities you expected to enjoy to be unavailable. Your chosen event space must be able to offer you options.

Does your preferred private event space provide all these? Don’t settle for less! Our social club has everything you’re looking for and more. Now you can spend your weekends and free time doing the things you love with the crowd that gets you.

Want to host your own event? We also offer executive office suites, conference rooms, car lofts, and a vehicle storage facility in Fairfield, New Jersey as well as your dedicated concierge services to ensure your event’s success.

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