How to Make Your Cars Last Longer?


In a fast and busy world, having a functional vehicle has become a requirement to stay productive. These vehicles also play an important part in the lives of car lovers. For these reasons, we all need to take good care of our cars.

Here at Car Lofts LLC, we make our private event space and storage facility available to our clients to help preserve the beauty and quality of their vehicles. We understand that there are crucial steps car owners can take to make sure their vehicles last a lifetime. Let’s dive deeper into how you can extend your vehicle’s life.

  • Keep Up to Date with Standard Maintenance

    Despite the power of cars, they will need maintenance, especially when you use them regularly. Minor servicing should be done every six months. Major car maintenance service should be done once a year. Of course, it is also important to have your vehicles maintained every 6000 and 12000 miles. You can visit our car club in New Jersey to help you with regular car maintenance.

  • Proper Storage

    Poor storage will lead to several problems and complications. Extreme temperatures in poor storage spaces can cause exterior and interior deterioration, as well as performance issues. Our vehicle storage facility in Fairfield, New Jersey, can help you avoid all the possible issues that come with poor storage.

  • Drive Safely

    Your vehicle’s state can also depend on your driving habits. Observing safe and defensive driving at all times can minimize your risk of accidents on the road. Your cars can last a long time when they do not get into any accidents at all.

Explore our range of car car services today! Feel free to reach out to us for your inquiries.

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