How Do High Temperatures Affect Your Vehicles?


The average vehicle will spend most of its lifetime outdoors. Your vehicles are made to withstand the occasional heat of the outdoors. However, every car enthusiast who wants to preserve their beloved cars knows that extreme heat can lead to several operational issues.

Here at Car Lofts LLC, we want to help you preserve your vehicles through our car club in New Jersey. We constantly witness how cars deteriorate when they are constantly exposed to extreme heat. Let’s discuss how heart affects your vehicle’s quality.

  • Paint Damage

    Your car paint can deteriorate when constantly exposed to high heat. Car paint can fade when exposed to the sun. This affects the overall beauty of your vehicles. Apart from that, sun damage can also lead to flaking. To make sure your paint stays vibrant, explore storage facilities with climate control.

  • Battery Issues

    High heat levels can also lead to battery corrosion. When this happens, current may not flow as well, which can affect battery performance. In many cases, prolonged heat can cut your battery life short. You can avoid battery issues when you explore our vehicle storage facility in Fairfield, New Jersey.

  • Tire Pressure

    Heat causes air molecules to expand, which can increase tire pressure. This can overinflate your tires, putting your tires at risk of exploding. Our car storage facility and private event space can help you maximize your tires’ usability.

  • Interior Damage

    Furthermore, your vehicle’s interior can also deteriorate when exposed to high temperatures. Upholstery can crack and deform because of high heat. Your car’s dashboard can also suffer damage with high heat.

If you need a storage facility to preserve your vehicle’s quality, we are here for you. Feel free to call us for your inquiries.

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